Chance Brothers Lighthouse Engineers are a team of highly skilled engineers and specialists, who offer restoration and maintenance services to lighthouse structures, lenses and equipment.

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Bearing System(Mercury Free)

Chance Brothers Lighthouse Engineers mercury bath bearing system. OH&S issues arising from mercury usage in traditional lighthouse rotational pedestals are major concerns that have been overlooked in the past.

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At Chance Brothers Lighthouse Engineers, we are dedicated to restoring and preserving lighthouses, traditional lighthouse fresnel lenses and artifacts.

We offer a complete restoration service for lighthouses, lighthouse lenses and artefacts. Our services are conducted in a professional manner to ensure assets are well preserved and with minimal environmental impact processes. This includes from decommissioning of the working mechanics to protecting all heritage assets whist maintaining a high degree of occupational health and safety.

We can engineer and manufacture parts that are lost or damaged to its original specifications. We can cast iron and bronze and replace cast crown and flint glass, grind and polish optical lenses using traditional techniques and formula of Augustin Fresnel and the Original Chance Brothers Co, Birmingham UK.

Our services extend to maritime museums, maritime and lighthouse authorities, historical societies and collectors both locally and abroad.

Our goal is to protect and preserve the heritage of lighthouses and artifacts as well as the reviving and preserving the historic methods adopted by the original Chance Brothers Co. UK in making fresnel lenses and equipment.

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Restore, Preserve and Protect.