Mercury Free Bearing

Chance Brothers Lighthouse Engineers mercury bath bearing system.

OH&S issues arising from mercury usage in traditional lighthouse rotational pedestals are major concerns that have been overlooked in the past.

In high temperature environment mercury vapor have seen to exceed safe levels within the lanternroom for staff and tourism visitors.

In recognizing mercury OH&S issue we have spent years designing and manufacturing a bearing system to replace the use of mercury as floats in traditional lighthouse turntable.

Our innovative bearing system design eliminates the needs to dismantle any of the heavy and bulky and fragile equipment or lanternroom to replace hence cutting major installation costs and time.

Previous attempts by various lighthouse authorities using traditional bearings are very costly and in some cases have failed not to mention the lengthy down time of lightstation. Major costing involves arial helicopter cranes or land cranes to remove and reassemble of the;

  • lanternroom
  • fresnel lens optics
  • pedestal
  • mercury float

lens platform - which sometimes are seized to the pedestal over the last century. Damages have been seen where the pedetal shaft have broken off.

Our bearing is designed to simply slip into the mercury bath hidden. Installation is simple, wind down the bath and drain the mercury, insert in our bearing system and raise the bath back up its back to operational state. A very cost effective and time efficient operation.